June 14, 2019

Press down, slow release

Roll on to road

Beside me, clenching his knees

He says he's not ready to go


His final daughter buckled in

Breaking a promise I made to him


I came home with a card

Officiating the news

I say I won't go far

I wish it were true


Age makes no offers to us

Running like water off the bluffs

Swim ashore when you must

I'll meet you at the end of the bluffs


Her hand wavers on the doorknob

Drop dead gorgeous torn if she should go or not

But your ears don't hear what I say

It'd be so clear if you'd leave your mirror & look at my face


I wanna put weight back in those words

They were thrown in your face

And rubbed in the dirt


He stands quaking like a chapel

My lion man, arms unsteady and full of battle

The sistine ceiling in your skull, I'm your Michelangelo 

Change is painfully slow but give me the time 


Oh give me the time 


I'm gonna put weight back in these words 

They were stolen by the train

And the angry man in the church

I'm gonna put weight back in my word

Just you wait


July 5, 2019

Ever stop and wonder

How lonely she is

Wrapped in vibrant color 

And slipping out of her skin

She'd give anything for a friend


Gun shots of tequila 

Helps it all go down

She'll scream she doesn't need ya

But when you're not around

Check your mouth, cause it's all coming out


Pause, dear

Don't you know you're worth more than this cheap beer?

I know a man who gives more than you know to hope for

He's knocking now, humming on your front porch

What kind of sister would I be if I don't open the door? 

Shall I open the door?

Fathers Fathers Fathers

Everybody wants to play the sage

Littering of litanies all over our facebook page

As if any phrases could erase this pain

As if wagging fingers have ever resolved a thing

As if anyone listens to their neighbors propositions when we're enraged


Everybody wants to see themselves in the right

In time I'll find what I've sacrificed

Just to live quietly within my ivory skin

Parade around my tidy trendy notion of love and pretend

Like there's no consequence to what my fathers fathers fathers did